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GetUp! Alarm Clock & Timer

Gently pushing you out of the bed

GetUp! Alarm Clock & Timer

Samsung Gear App Challenge finalist!

GetUp! Alarm Clock is a innovative alarm clock
motivating you to really get up from the bed.
This standalone app (does not rely on your phone or bluetooth connection)
offers some neat features, especially adaptive vibration alarm
that can be dismissed only by walking. Or, if you are heavy sleeper, by running 🙂

You can also use it as a simple, discreet vibration alarm (dismissed by swipe gesture).


Version 2 features:

  • multiple timers with the same features as alarms
  • detailed options for alarms and timers
  • now alarms also with sound (you can use any mp3 file as an alarm sound)!
  • repeated alarms
  • customizable advanced options
  • unlimited predefined alarms and timers