MoveUp! Sitting Alert for Android Wear

Smart Antidote for Sedentary Lifestyle!


MoveUp! Sitting Alert


The must have app for your health,
especially if you run a sedentary work or lifestyle!

This app notifies you about the lack of activity for a specified
period of time (1 hour by default) and motivates you to be more active.

Make no excuses! Thanks to GuruWear formula support,
you can now tie alert with your favourite workout routine!


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Several modes of operation:

  • Simple notification
  • Motivational quotes with animated timeless backgrounds (default)
  • Your custom text


Fully configurable (premium).

Individual vibration pattern – easily recognize alert without glancing at your wrist.

The application works directly on the watch even when disconnected from the phone.
Efficiently utilizes built-in pedometer data, which makes it gentle on the battery life.

Just install, activate and be more active!